Case Study: Lexden Springs School


Julie Sale of Lexden Springs School, Colchester, answers some questions about the impact that Charanga’s Musical School has had on the school’s music provision.

How would you characterise the school and what are its main challenges?

The school caters for pupils who have an EHCP. This includes pupils who have physical, sensory and cognitive issues as well as pupils who are on the autistic spectrum. They range in age from 3 to 19 years. I am not the music co coordinator so I cannot speak on behalf of the whole school but music has always been a big part of our curriculum. It is a means of communication.

What impact has Musical School had on the pupils?

I can only speak for my own class. Our music lessons are our favourite of the week. They are the only lessons where we applaud ourselves at the end!

What impact has Musical School had on the staff?

I am only a class teacher and therefore can only speak about my own experience. I am not musically inclined/gifted. Just have a love of it. It plays a part in most of my activities from Circle Time, sensory stories, movement, art and Soundboard. Using Charanga has given me a musical structure and understanding which I can use to implement learning activities. I like the way it offers me a complete programme. However I really like that it allows me to personalise that programme for my group. The elements of each lesson are good practice for all activities: introduction/welcome, skills, working together, working individually, recognition of achievement of others, fun!

What are your plans for music going forward?

In every topic/subject/activity I teach I like to have some musical input at some level. This will continue. However Charanga helps me to understand the different aspects of music. It is an accessible resource I turn to for ideas to enhance my teaching and the pupils’ learning. This term I have loved the sensory story telling of Diwali. More of this please.