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Charanga is the resource of choice for schools wishing to equip pupils with modern, relevant music skills and a deep understanding of the principles of music.

It’s online, always up to date with new resources and best practice music teaching advice, and its community provides teachers with a connection to colleagues around the world.

Watch the video to learn about the significant impact Charanga International School has had in just 6 months at Bromsgrove International School, Bangkok.

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Classroom Music

Classroom Music

Charanga International’s Classroom Music section provides premium resources to help make day-to-day music teaching a rich and rewarding experience for you as well as for your students. The resources are grouped by children’s age and for different approaches to teaching. There’s a lot to explore!


Classroom Music Scheme

For children aged 5-11 the scheme provides a progressive spiral of learning with planning support and all the interactive resources you would need. Children sing, play, improvise, compose and perform and the week-by-week lessons are a great basis for a modern music curriculum.


The flexible approach enables you to create your own music plan and encourages opportunities to make music across the curriculum. The interactive resources are clearly grouped by age and application.

Ages 5 - 7

Classroom Music Freestyle ages 5-7

In addition to the wealth of well-known nursery rhymes, chants, songs and related activities, the learning within the units equips the children with the initial foundation stones of musical understanding.

Ages 8 – 11

Classroom Music Freestyle ages 8-11

Building on the skills that have been acquired previously, the resources for this age range are more complex both vocally and instrumentally. The units and range of materials deepen and develop understanding and encourage exploration and a growing familiarity with a wide range of styles and genres.

Age 12+

Classroom Music Freestyle age 12+

To develop and cultivate a creative and personalised approach to musical learning, the resources in this section provide a rich bank of activities and starting points. These include transitional units and inspirational video interviews with modern composers explaining their creative processes.

Seasonal Productions

Classroom Music Seasonal Productions

There are a number of full productions which allow children to showcase their musical learning. Complete with scripts, lyrics, songs and teacher notes, all you have to do is add kids and costumes.

Active Listening

Classroom Music Active Listening

A digital resource designed to introduce Classical music to children. Active Listening contains over 40 pieces of music ranging from Stravinsky to Chopin, Joplin to Bach.

Assessment Framework

Classroom Music Assessment Framework

The new Assessment Framework links teaching and learning to step-by-step assessment. Using a PLAN • DO • CHECK • REVIEW approach and supported by planning documentation, logs for musical, cultural and personal development there is even the facility to upload and securely store digital evidence.


Each of our topics contain many songs, most of which have activity suggestions and worksheets. Other topics contain a central song with related resources.

  • Action Songs
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Animals
  • Celts and Romans
  • Changes
  • Christmas
  • Different Places
  • Dinosaurs
  • Energy
  • Great Composers
  • Healthy Living
  • Journeys
  • Minibeasts
  • Numbers
  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Oceans, Seas and Rivers
  • Science
  • Space


Classroom Music Courses

We have courses for recorder, ukulele, cyclic patterns, hip hop, djembe and blues. These courses are provided to enrich and extend the curriculum. The interactive backing tracks provide an authentic musical framework for performance and the learning is consolidated through creative repetition.

Instrumental & Vocal

The Instrumental Music section of Charanga International is the ideal resource to support instrumental and vocal teaching for children in their first years.

If you are thinking about teaching larger groups of beginners or are already doing it, the different types of resources here will be a great help. Children love the modern approach.



Instrumental & Vocal Pieces

Simple interactive pieces for many instruments with highlighting notation and animated instruments, synchronised with a backing track. These are ideal for beginners and for teaching large groups.

Fiddle Time

Instrumental & Vocal Fiddle Time

Thirty pieces from the award-winning Fiddle Time Starters and Fiddle Time Joggers that are suited to whole-class violin teaching and its need for flexible learning progression are included thanks to a collaboration between Oxford University Press and Charanga. The selection progresses from open string pieces to finger pattern 0- 1- 23- 4, and comes with audio files from the most recent Fiddle Time editions.

Music Explorer

Instrumental & Vocal Music Explorer

With versions specifically designed for 23 individual instruments, Music Explorer is the ultimate on-screen teaching tool to help run pulse, rhythm and pitch activities for large groups of instrumental learners.

The multiple stave views show pulse, rhythm notation, full stave notation (in the appropriate clef and key for the instrument), so it’s a great way to compose and introduce music reading.

inspria® Pops

Instrumental & Vocal inspria® Pops

Flexible 6-week programmes for singing and playing. All the songs have differentiated beginner instrumental parts for a wide range of instruments. These units work very well for large groups and provide attractive performance material.

Guest Spot

Instrumental & Vocal Guest Spot

The Guest Spot series is a great way to provide more challenging repertoire for intermediate to advanced instrumentalists. The highly attractive pieces which include famous songs and more traditional works, are presented in an on-screen practising app that students can use between lessons to help them learn. Guest Spot provides ideal performance material for students.

Charanga Sing

Instrumental & Vocal Charanga Sing

New 'Charanga Sing' is a major development for Charanga International and replaces the existing Song Centre. As well as providing an additional 220 songs, Charanga Sing has an intuitive and easy-to-use search and browse facility which will save teachers lots of time. Teachers can search songs in several ways:

  • General - the song overview eg age suitability, difficulty, style, genre, topics / themes and more
  • By the singing itself - subject, performance options, vocal parts, musical features and more
  • The music - eg time signature, musical feature, beats per bar and more

The new Charanga Sing on-screen app also includes a tempo control option so teachers can slow down songs without changing the pitch.

Everything about Charanga Sing has come from suggestions made by our community of users and is a great example of collaborative bottom-up development.

My Workspace

Instrumental & Vocal My Workspace

My Workspace is the place to create, store and share your lessons. It’s a bit different to other areas of the programme. As you become familiar with how to use My Workspace you will find it saves you time on preparation and extends your student’s learning beyond the classroom. You can upload your own resources eg MP3 backing tracks, PDFs, graphics, videos etc and link them to a lesson.

Music World

Music World

Music World is a safe online space within Charanga International where children and young people can go to learn, explore and develop playing and musicianship skills as they begin learning musical instruments with their teachers. It’s a magical world of avatars and music activities where children earn coins and badges as a reward for completing musical tasks. As a teacher you can make anything from Charanga International appear within a student’s Music World so children can work on specific things you would like them to learn.

Teacher survey

Teacher survey

The Practicalities

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The Charanga International licence is renewable each year and allows as many teachers in your school as you wish, to have their own personal login.

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When your school acquires a Charanga International licence a lead teacher is nominated. The lead teacher can then set up any number of colleagues with their own login.

For students

Every teacher can set up individual students or entire classes with logins to Music World online learning.

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Charanga is used in over 8,500 schools, in 62 countries worldwide, by 35,000 teachers. Read what other music education professionals have to say about using Charanga International School.

Our school has been using Charanga for over a year now and the impact has been significant. Charanga has enabled us to do many more whole-class instrumental programmes with some excellent and engaging resources. e children love to continue their learning at home with Music World as well as combining performance, composition and improvisational skills when learning the songs and pieces from the schemes of work. It has been a brilliant enhancement to our curriculum.

Jennie Leyfield, Music and MFL Teacher, Alice Smith School, Malaysia

My students are responding very well to it. I love that it has plenty of contemporary music, as well as more traditional music units. ‘Hands, feet, heart’ is very catchy and easy for the children to learn. I like how the units develop and musical skills are embedded and intertwined within them, and it makes the learning fun and engaging.

Stacey McMorran, Director of Music, King’s College, Doha

Really enjoying Charanga so far especially the instrumental pieces with backing tracks, it is an excellent site.

Jonathan Doherty, Music Teacher, The British International School Shanghai, Puxi

We are enjoying using Charanga at St Lawrence, I find the assessments, toolkit and lesson resources particularly useful. The children enjoy the toolkit videos the most.

Clare Bakewell, Head of Music, St Lawrence College, The British School in Greece

As a classically trained music teacher I quickly realized that my training did not include teaching all the students in the class effectively. After working with this fabulous tool of musical instruction for just a month I knew that the average student needs a modern and familiar approach to the repertoire. Now I have happy, singing students running to the classes without realizing that they are learning to listen to music from a far higher informed perspective. Thank you Charanga!

Debbie Biermann, Hartland International School, Dubai

The step by step approach to holistic instrumental learning is superb. Charanga is brilliant for a busy specialist.

Naomi Rowan, Curriculum Fellow for Performing Arts, Nord Anglia International School, Hong Kong

Charanga International really stands out as an engaging, easy to use system. When teachers are shown Charanga International for the first time, it really gives their enthusiasm a boost - they just know that it’s going to work really well. e instrumental resources are excellent and children in our band programme have really been able to improve by repeating the work that we do together in class.

Andy Casterton, Director of Music,
The British School, Rio De Janeiro

We have been using Charanga International for nearly two years. We love it! At our school, the use of Charanga International is now fully embedded. Lower School pupils (5-11) use it throughout Class Music and Wider Opportunities and the Upper School (Year 7-13) use many of the resources.

Emma Goldsmith, Head of Performing Arts Lower School,
St. Catherine's British School, Athens

I must say how wonderful the whole Charanga International programme is, as it saves us the extremely long and di cult process of buying in resources.

Allison Lehtinen, Music Teacher,
Maseru Preparatory School, Lesotho

Charanga’s the best I have seen in my 21 years as a music teacher in the Danish school.”

Mette Meyer,
School Teacher, Denmark

I love working with Charanga. The technology is at my fingertips. The programs are highly motivational and flexible. You will find extensive curriculums and themes that can be adapted and integrated into your school music program or they can easily stand on their own. The instrument sections are exceptional and the song lists cover all genres. Students of today will easily connect and relate to the music material and it is highly interactive. Finally, as a teacher, my prep time has been reduced considerably and I am much more organized now. Thank you, Charanga!

Bruce Gorchitza, Early Years music teacher, American International School of Egypt in Cairo

Free 30-day trial

A Charanga International licence for your school is £595 per annum which includes as many logins for teachers at your school and as many logins to Music World for your students as you need.

For sales information contact

Mark Burke or Marina Dussek
Tel: +44 (0)1273 823 900

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