Case Study: Christ Church CEP Academy

CT20 1DJ

Dorothy Driscoll of Christ Church CEP Academy, Folkestone, answers some questions about the impact that Charanga’s Musical School has had on the school’s music provision.

How would you characterise the school and what are its main challenges?

A two-form entry primary school in a deprived area with about 30% children with EAL. The main challenges that we face are attendance and parental engagement.

How would you describe music in the school before Musical School was adopted?

Music lessons were led by a music specialist in most classes but with limited resources. Very little other music took place.

What impact has Musical School had on the pupils?

Many classes are still taught by a music specialist but Musical School has opened up many more exciting resources and opportunities for the children to learn. Most classes follow the Scheme but some (WCIT classes) are taught using Music World and the new Instruments section. All children have access to music and the greater majority really enjoy their music lessons. They all have the opportunity to play a number of different instruments throughout their school life and enjoy singing. They are learning many musical aspects, such as the musical elements, in a very subtle way thanks to Musical School. Children in KS2 also have access to the website through Music World and many of them use this.

What impact has Musical School had on the staff?

Class teachers use other resources as well as the Scheme: ie toolkit, music explorer, listening centre, topics, productions and Sing in their other lessons and, following a training session, are now incorporating some of the games activities throughout the day as brain gym type activities. They are much more confident in delivering their own music too.

What are your plans for music going forward?

To continue to engage staff and children in music and develop the musical skills of everyone – pupils and staff. Scheme to be used in FS and KS1, supplemented with topics and productions. KS2 to use a variety of Scheme, Instruments and Music World to develop their playing of recorder, ukulele and mixed instruments and increase their musical knowledge and skills.