Provide students with access to Yumu

Student access to Yumu is provided through Student Groups.

This article assumes that you have already created a Student Group. If you need help creating a class visit the help article Creating a Student Group.

You can find a list of the classes that you have created on the My Student Groups page in the My Workspace area of the website.

From the My Workspace menu, select My Student Groups. Click on the Student Group to which you want to add a student. Then click the ‘Add Students’ tab as shown below.

Add Students tab

Adding new students

The quickest and easiest way to get your group set up is to choose the option 1 ‘Add students’. This allows you to copy a list of students from a document or spreadsheet and then paste them all in en masse (see how it works). Alternatively you can type in the names of the students.

Adding the students automatically creates accounts for them in Yumu. Printable welcome letters for each student with a username, password and full instructions for logging in can be found in the ‘View Students’ tab for the group.

Adding existing students

When we say ‘existing students’ we mean students that have already been added to your school’s Charanga system by you or by another teacher at your school.

To add an existing student select option 2 ‘Add existing students’ and then select the student from the groups listed.

Distributing usernames and passwords

This video offers guidance to teachers setting up students with a Yumu account. It focuses on the various ways you can distribute and share Yumu login information with them.