Username & Password Problems

If you have forgotten your username or password, you can get a password reset link emailed to you.

How to make a secure password that is easy to remember

We suggest choosing a password comprised of four unrelated random words. For example terrible towel delivery station is easy to remember, but very difficult to guess (even for a computer).

It is often suggested that you use an incomprehensible string of punctuation marks, numbers and random letters eg ;`Koh1|!32Gp. The downside is that they are often less secure and they are difficult to remember unless you use a password manager.

You can change your password on the My Account page.

Why am I being asked to update my email address?

If you are being asked to update your email address it is because we have sent an email to you in the past and it has bounced (been returned to us as undeliverable). This may be due to a typo, an out-of-date email address, or a temporary fault with the email service that you use.

It is important that we have an up-to-date email address for you so that you can reset your password if needed and so that we can communicate important information to you about your account.

You can update your email address on the My Account page.