New: Song Center“We all have a voice, we can all sing. It doesn’t matter how your voice sounds, if singing brings you joy then just get on and do it!”
Brendan Reilly, singer-songwriter, featured artist with Disclosure, Basement Jaxx, Laura Mvula and many more and one of Charanga’s male vocalists.

Charanga’s exciting new interactive teaching tool Vocal Coach, provides a fascinating insight into the importance of vocal health followed by inspiring ways to engage the children in your class with vocal warm ups. Vocal Coach is suitable for the support of non-specialist and specialist teachers.

Kim ChandlerUsing the expertise of Kim Chandler (internationally-acclaimed session singer and vocal coach), we have created 25 brand new short videos to provide you with support on how all this can be achieved. The first selection of videos, ‘Exploring Vocal Health’ teach you how to look after your voice, how your voice works and how to keep it safe. The next, ‘Vocal Warm-up Activities’ guide you through a series of fun yet rigorous activities to warm up vocally with your class.

How to use Charanga’s Vocal Coach:

‘Exploring Vocal Health’

To ensure a full understanding of each vocal health issue, work through the videos in the order presented to you in this section of the Vocal Coach. The videos can be watched with or without your class. Much of the information will be of interest to you as a teacher in keeping your own voice safe.

The videos are presented in this order:

  1. An Introduction to Vocal Health
  2. The Importance of Vocal Rest and Pacing
  3. Understanding Your Vocal Workload
  4. The Voicebox
  5. Hydration and Steaming
  6. Dietary Considerations
  7. Vocal and Physical Fitness
  8. Signs of Trouble
  9. Vocal Effects from Routine Medications

‘Vocal Warm-up Activities’

Here you will find progressive vocal warm-up activities. There are too many activities to use in one session so always start with some stretching, posture and breathing work then progress through the other activities as required. You will find a routine that suits the class you are working with.

The videos are presented in this order:

  1. Fitness Introduction
  2. Stretching Our Body
  3. Let’s Warm Up Our Faces!
  4. Posture and Alignment
  5. An Introduction to Breathing
  6. Breathing Exercises
  7. Fun with Silly Voices!
  8. Warm Up and Stretch Your Vocal Range
  9. Sliding Exercises
  10. Tongue Twisters! (Articulation Exercises)
  11. Pop It On The Head With A Ping Pong Ball! (Articulation Song)
  12. An Introduction to Target Practice (Learning to Pitch Better)
  13. Target Practice Exercises
  14. Arpeggio Exercise Based on Vowels
  15. Arpeggio Exercise Based on Vowels with Big Bear and Friends!
  16. Flexibility Exercise Based on the First Five Notes of the Major Scale
  17. Flexibility Exercise Based on the First Five Notes of the Major Scale Using Vowels

youtube-logo See these and other Charanga video clips on the Charanga Youtube Channel.

The Charanga YouTube ChannelSubscribe to our YouTube channel!Over the coming months, we will be adding to the Vocal Coach selection of activities and advice with input from other vocal coaches, session singers and artists.

Keep an eye out for these exciting, ongoing updates and in the meantime enjoy Charanga’s new Vocal Coach!

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