VIP Studio Sessions – the online secondary music education programme enabling the teaching of popular music genres like Grime, House and Hip Hop in the classroom, has launched a brand new competition for this academic year (2017/2018).

VIP Artist of the Year

The competition is looking for budding singers, rappers and bands alike, offering the chance for the winner to experience a day in a professional music studio with a music producer to record their  own demo, as well as a very special live performance opportunity.

VIP’s resources help students learn how to make different genres of music and acquire music production skills by breaking the steps down into manageable chunks. The lyric and song writing is a big part of VIP, and the aim is to help as many students to produce their own songs and write and record lyrics over them, which can then be submitted to the competition, used as coursework or simply shared with peers for fun.

The competition is open now and will run until 30th July 2018. To enter, VIP students will need to upload their vocal tracks using the code #VIPDEMO in their track’s description. The competition is only open to VIP students, and the winning track will be selected based on its originality and quality.

Alongside this exciting new competition, VIP will continue to run its ‘Track of the Month’ competition where one song is selected each month for its style, personal achievement or demonstration of technical skills. The lucky monthly winners will each receive a £20 high street voucher.

In addition, the VIP ‘School of the Year’ will continue, with the most active VIP school receiving a £500 music voucher and a free music production masterclass with VIP Author Max Wheeler.

View the new vocal competition flyer here. This can be downloaded from within the site and shared in schools and classrooms.

If you would like to find out more about VIP, we offer schools, teachers and music hubs a free 30 day trial.