The Hip Hop Coach has revolutionised the way I teach this genre. Pupils are motivated to participate in performances that sound authentic yet are achievable. It is also a great tool for setting relevant practical homeworks.

Beverley Harrison, AST Alder Grange HS, Rawtenstall, Lancashire

I have to say that having played around on the Charanga site, I think it is fantastic. I have even started a staff choir and am using some of the material in order to let staff feel that they can sing and introduce them to the site at the same time. Think I may have been inspired by Gareth Malone!

Helen Bowden, Sacred Heart RC Primary School, Thornton Cleveleys

The children are thoroughly enjoying it and I converted a couple of new teachers I was working with the other day!

Dorothy Driscoll, All Souls School, Kent

The guitar resources are amazing! Guitar Charanga Music World is fab. Children are using it at home and accessing the resources via the moon.

Chris Blurton, Guitar Teacher, Devon

Just getting in touch to ┬ásay how thrilled I am with Charanga. Of course, 7 weeks in I’m only just beginning to get to grips with the wealth of resources but I have found it so useful already. One main ways I find I use it is to consolidate learning, so for example I would use my tried and tested ways of learning about pulse, and then use the cartoon about pulse to consoildate the message… and it is having a real impact being able to us these resources to support my teaching. I also use the Recorder Foundation section with my recorder classes and I notice that some children who would not be quite so engaged are able make progress. So thank you!

Christine Adams, Lead Teacher, Kent

The links with Charanga look good and cover so many curriculum areas, they sound great too!

Steve Walder, Music Co-ordinator, Haywards Heath, West Sussex

The visual and audio effects enables the children to learn and understand the many musical terms with enthusiasm. It combines education with fun – a very successful combination!

Claire Hopkinson, Teacher, Ollerton Primary, Nottinghamshire

I’ve had a very good year, and the music tuition and activities that I’ve been involved with have been well received. I was particularly pleased to be able to deliver a Hip Hop Coach session which the students enjoyed very much.

Steve Chapman, Learning and Behaviour Support Assistant (LBSA), Chelfham Senior School, Devon

It can be hard to find music resources that don’t give you problems with copyright, but with Charanga, we can download it and use it on our school’s VLE. Also, students can be listening to a piece of music and, at certain points, pop-up messages appear on-screen to point out certain things.

Emma Lamb, Head of Music, Hutton C of E Grammar, Lancashire

Charanga is an asset to any music lesson – bringing an interactive and visually stimulating dimension to pieces, songs and learning activities.

Lydia Dalby, Wirral Schools’ Music Service