Thank you both so much for coming to Horsham today to give your presentation to our staff. You struck just the right tone, Madeleine, by exploring not just the materials and how to get the system to work but also how to use the resources to teach effectively. It’s always good to remind us all about that aspect. Some do it naturally; others have to think harder. But your questioning got everyone thinking rather than just listening like sponges.

It was good to see you again, Mark, and wonderful to see how much Charanga has developed again this year. The DVDs are a real hit but now we have the prospect of all the Music Sales catalogue as well as the ABRSM Copper Music Medals and of course the Pupil Learning Space. The technology seems to be so much smoother too which is terrific. I do congratulate you and sensed a genuine enthusiasm amongst the staff to explore the richness of the online resources as well as the simplicity of the DVDs ready for instant use.

Thank you both for your time and input to a very successful day. We have a really strong staff team in West Sussex and it is great to be able to support their work with the wonderful Charanga resources. Bravo – and thank you.

Christopher Mahy, Head of the Instrumental and Vocal Teaching Service, West Sussex Music Service

I teach wider ops and use inspira for violin and have found it a very useful resource particularly the different styles of music played at the start of the session. The children’s musical vocabulary has really increased over just half a term and I’ve been told it’s their favourite lesson of the week.

Coreena O’Hagan, Coventry Music Service, Nuneaton

Day 2 of Charanga – whole school lovin’ it ! Song practice rocked ! My own repertoire blown out the window with Don’t Stop … Mamma Mia… Livin’ on a Prayer …. Fantastic resources around each song – recorders y3 loved Mamma Mia – y4 recorders Adele …
Rhythm grid excellent –

Music has just raised its game!

Jayne Brian, Music Teacher, Staffs

The materials are engaging and appealing and add a real ‘sparkle’ to lessons. I have been so impressed with the way in which Charanga genuinely listen to our needs and how quickly they respond to any queries. They are to be congratulated on their vision, expertise and professionalism.

Geraldine Gaunt, Senior Officer for Wakefield Music Services

Charanga enables everyone to enter the 3 dimensional world of learning; it brings the notes off the page and encourages a spirit of enquiry that is refreshing and inspiring to children for whom music is not an option in their life — it’s essential.

Maureen Hanke, Head of Norfolk Music Service, Co-author of Music Express, Chair of FMS

We had great fun using the ukuleles this morning. It was only our third session and we all managed plucking the strings and strumming the C chord to perform ‘Old Macdonald’. The teachers and TAs are really enjoying using the resources and learning alongside the children too!

Dorothy Driscoll, Lead Music Teacher for Shepway 1, Kent

How much I have enjoyed using the Charanga resources. I have used numerous resources for brass and woodwind and this has made a tremendous impact on the effectiveness of my teaching. I used the trumpet resources in a recent end-of-term concert at a first school in Morpeth in which 50 Year 3 pupils gave an entertaining performance to the whole school and 50 parents. Two trumpeters visiting from a nearby middle school were amazed at the progress of the Y3 children in only 10 weeks, compared to how long it took them to learn the trumpet in the middle school.

The music advisors for North Tyneside have observed me using Charanga for whole-class clarinet and recorder teaching and have been amazed at how effectively it can be for Wider Opportunities projects.


David Tallent, Music Services Teacher, Northumberland

Teachers and students have found that Charanga has opened the doors to personalised learning for both themselves and their students. They have embraced digital learning experiences to ensure learning experiences are compelling, real and relevant.

Charanga contains imaginative and stimulating material and is well-resourced in order that staff, students and their parents can access material easily and regularly to enhance their learning. Both instrumental staff and classroom teachers customise resources and repertoire to suit individuals, small groups and full classes.

Durham Music Service has developed a CPD programme for instrumental teachers and classroom subject leaders called ‘Link the Learning’ which links the learning between the practice room, classroom and beyond. Within the programme Charanga has facilitated contextualised learning opportunities where there is a constant sharing of knowledge, resources and new learning opportunities.

Students and staff are challenged in their learning through the regular flow of new material that is consistently pushing learning to a new level of understanding.

Adrian Biddulph, Manager of Music Education for Durham

I can unreservedly recommend Charanga to any LEA Music Service; they have proved an invaluable partner and a great asset to us.

Stuart Grills, Head of ICT and Marketing, Lancashire Music Service

a thoroughly modern and excellent digital resource for secondary school music.

Roger Crocker, ex Chair of the National Association of Music Educators (NAME), current chair of the Advisers, Inspectors and Consultants Forum Group of NAME, member of the Music Education Council Executive and an examiner for the ABRSM and EdExcel.