Thank you both so much for coming to Horsham today to give your presentation to our staff. You struck just the right tone, Madeleine, by exploring not just the materials and how to get the system to work but also how to use the resources to teach effectively. It’s always good to remind us all about that aspect. Some do it naturally; others have to think harder. But your questioning got everyone thinking rather than just listening like sponges.

It was good to see you again, Mark, and wonderful to see how much Charanga has developed again this year. The DVDs are a real hit but now we have the prospect of all the Music Sales catalogue as well as the ABRSM Copper Music Medals and of course the Pupil Learning Space. The technology seems to be so much smoother too which is terrific. I do congratulate you and sensed a genuine enthusiasm amongst the staff to explore the richness of the online resources as well as the simplicity of the DVDs ready for instant use.

Thank you both for your time and input to a very successful day. We have a really strong staff team in West Sussex and it is great to be able to support their work with the wonderful Charanga resources. Bravo – and thank you.