While we understand that life is far from normal at the moment, we wanted to let you know that those teaching students in their final primary year will find a brand new unit in the Musical School Scheme

Music and Me is the first in a series of units focusing on inspirational women working in music, and part of Brighter Sound’s pioneering gender equality initiative, Both Sides Now.

Throughout the series, your students will explore the concept of ‘identity’. In this unit, we start with gender. Students will be invited to try out different ways of making music, while exploring the work of some of the most influential women in music over the last 100 years.

For more information visit Music and Me, once logged in. You also have the option of assigning the unit to your students via Yumu, an area of the Charanga platform dedicated to supporting students’ home learning and music-making between lessons. Click the ‘Assign Yumu Package’ button, set up a Student Group if you haven’t already, and share the resource with them. For general guidance, watch this video or visit our help section once logged in.

If you’re yet to explore the Charanga platform in full, start your 30-day free trial. We hope you enjoy it!