VIP & Charanga

This new academic year (2018/2019) VIP Studio Sessions has released more Project Plans for KS3 and KS4, as well as a new layout in the ‘Teachers’ Section’ of VIP making it even easier than ever to dive in!

Project Plans

The VIP Project Plans aim to provide guidance on how to incorporate new music into your curriculum.

VIP Project Plans

The new grid layout helps you to choose how many projects you might want to cover as part of your curriculum time and how they fit your musical and (if appropriate) SMSC outcomes. Alternatively the projects can be used for self-directed extension work.

There are now fifteen projects, from a Year 7 six-week Rap and Beats project, to Year 10-11 Professional Scenarios projects from House Music to Grime.

Example Year 8 Classical Beats: Six Weeks

  1. Overview of skills necessary to combine Classical themes with modern beats
  2. DAW basics
  3. Tempo, rhythm, beat patterns
  4. Programming synth lines
  5. Arranging a track using a DAW
  6. Using FX
  7. Working with MIDI and an existing melody or theme
  8. Organising themes to fit in time with beats
  9. Recording MIDI ideas
  10. Mixing your track
  11. Exporting and sharing a track
  12. Self-promotion skills
  13. Music industry knowledge

Aims of VIP

We developed VIP Studio Sessions to help young people to engage with the music they love, to promote creativity, encourage active learning, inclusion, real-life skills, self expression, collaboration and independent self-directed study.

Teaching/Learning with VIP

VIP enables students to study the music they love, individually in school or at home, producing professional-sounding tracks. They can choose their own genre or follow the teacher’s guidance and work as a group. The project plans then link this back to group work and peer review – taking a professional, industry-approved, iterative approach to learning and perfecting their work.

How to Assess with VIP

Each teacher has their own login and dedicated ‘My Students’ Work’ area. This is where you can view students’ workbooks, tracks and group work, and assess and comment on it. This system makes it easy to assess and save a whole group’s work, evidencing progress effortlessly all in one place.

Using the VIP Programme

Exploring and creating a number of styles will teach your students to understand the similarities and differences between each, and reinforce the basic techniques common to music production and songwriting. This will equip them with a number of skills to use, whatever style of music they want to make in the future.

To trial VIP Studio Sessions in your classroom, create a free 30-day trial login here. Please contact Melinda Robson at Charanga for more details.