VIP Studio Sessions

Charanga’s VIP Studio Sessions are pleased to announce the launch of the new Project Plans for Years 7 & 8 for this autumn term. Designed for secondary teachers and music workers to run projects using VIP’s online resources and music studio, VIP helps to teach digital music production, song and lyric writing in schools or other settings.

Each project is designed to run over a number of weeks and give teachers guidance for each session, the learning outcomes, which VIP resources to use, suggested Q&A as well as independent study ideas.

The new Project Plans were created for teachers, to make using VIP and running projects even easier. They use tried and tested projects which work well in an education setting. Here is a list of the current projects:

  • Dubstep Project
  • House Music Project
  • Rap and Beats, an Intro to Hip Hop and Writing Lyrics
  • Cross-Curricular Rap Project
  • Grime Beats Project
  • Grime and Rap Bars Project
  • Grime Cross-Curricular Project

The Project Plans are designed to help teach a whole class every aspect of the digital music production process, including how to release, share and perform their work. Using up-to-date ideas and themes to help engage and drive motivation, we also drew on rap and lyric writing as a way to achieve cross-curricular success, engaging as many students as possible whilst offering the possibility of working with other academic disciplines.

Max Wheeler, VIP Studio Sessions, Content Author.

The growing grid of these resources can be found in the Teachers’ section of VIP (only visible to those with a teacher login). They can be easily followed online or can be downloaded as a PDF.

What’s more, over the next year we will be adding to these Project Plans, with options for Years 9, 10 and 11 and beyond, with the focus on GCSE and BTEC learning and coursework production.

To view these resources click here and log in. If you are not yet signed up, please click here for a free trial login, or contact for more details.