Musical School – a modern ICT-supported primary music curriculum for the whole school

The song “Lean on Me” has been added to the KS2 unit resources in Charanga Musical School. New topics have also been added each containing their own resources, and new resources added to the Animals topic.

For “Lean on Me” there are printable PDF parts for the woodwind, brass, and string families, guitar, glock, keyboard and un-tuned percussion. There are on-screen vocal parts and six different apps to support the activities: Listen and Appraise, Learn to Sing the Song, Play Instruments with the Song, Improvise, Compose, Perform.

The resources can be used in whole class or small group teaching as well as in curriculum teaching at KS2.

Also in Charanga Musical School under the Foundation Stage and KS1 tab, two new topics have been added: “Different Places” and “Journeys”, each including songs, resources and activities.

To the Animals topic, “Boing” has been added, again with songs, activities and resources.

This is part of an ongoing update and more songs are planned, in production and on their way.

Mark Burke, Digital Partnerships Director of Charanga, said: “We’ve been getting wonderful feedback on this new programme and we’d like to thank all the Primary Teachers that have helped us get it to this point.”