Charanga’s VideoLink system

New video teaching technology has been integrated into the Charanga platform, enabling instrumental teachers to schedule and deliver whole-class or large group lessons directly into classrooms when working from a remote location.

The VideoLink system is currently being piloted by instrumental teachers and hub managers around the country.

To find out more, email or telephone (07793) 503907.

Supporting instrumental teachers

VideoLink works best when teachers collate and prepare all the on-screen resources they wish to use in their lesson in advance – whether ready-made Charanga materials or their own.

The system will then share those resources with the class teacher, so that there is no need to screen share during the lesson. Technical challenges are avoided.

What sets VideoLink apart?

Every resource for the lesson is accessible and contained in one place, so there’s no need to share materials or switch between one video conferencing platform and another.

Find out more

If you, your colleagues or instrumental teaching staff would like to switch VideoLink on on your local Charanga platform, to try it out or to register for some training, email or telephone (07793) 503907.

Regular updates will also be published on Charanga’s website and social media pages.

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