New YuStudio section supports the next generation of music producers

YuStudio screengrab

We’ve added a new section to our Musical School primary programme – YuStudio. Having logged in, you can access it via the ‘YuStudio’ tab on your navigation bar.

What is YuStudio?

YuStudio is a beginner-friendly online music studio, a type of music creation software known as a digital audio workstation or DAW for short.

Why add it to the Charanga platform?

Music technology offers students new routes into music. With your help, we hope older children in your school will use YuStudio to learn how to record, arrange and mix their own tracks and compositions.

Not sure how to use music tech?

If using a DAW in your teaching sounds intimidating, we’ve got you covered! You’ll find three ‘Create With YuStudio’ projects in the new section, with Teacher Guides and video tutorials to support you at every step of each lesson provided.

Sharing YuStudio

Visit My Workspace and create a Student Group to share any Create With YuStudio project with your students via Yumu*, our online learning space. While accessible to you, everything they create is securely saved and password-protected in Yumu. They’ll find YuStudio in Yumu’s Creative Apps section.

* Click the ‘+Group’ button on each Create With YuStudio project to share it with your Student Group. For support, visit this page in your Help section.

What sets YuStudio apart from other DAWs?

  • YuStudio has all the features you would find on any professional DAW, but because we’ve designed it for use in schools, it’s more accessible and easier to use.
  • It’s browser-based, so there’s no software to install. Students can continue making music whenever they’re online.
  • Pupils’ compositions are securely saved in the Cloud in Yumu.
  • Every child in your school can access YuStudio as part of a Charanga subscription – alongside every other resource you share with them.

We hope you enjoy using YuStudio and are excited at the thought of helping your students become young music producers. Have you got the next Rick Rubin, Sylvia Robinson or Dr Dre in your school? If so, we’ll happily share tracks using the #YuStudio hashtag on our social media platforms!

Accessing Charanga

If you’re new to Charanga, start a 30-day complimentary trial to explore our platform fully. There’s no obligation to subscribe afterwards, and we won’t take any payment details.