Congratulations Priesthorpe School in Leeds

Every year at Charanga’s VIP Studio Sessions we celebrate one school as the VIP School of the Year. This year’s winner is Priesthorpe School in Leeds, supported by ArtForms Music, the lead partner for the Leeds Music Education

Writing Raps in The Classroom

Writing Raps in the Classroom 7 Steps

At VIP Studio Sessions we love hearing students’ raps. Teaching rap can be daunting, so we decided to share the highly successful method that we use across a wide range of settings – for classroom and

VIP Teachers' Competition

VIP’s Competition for Teachers #TEACHERTRACKS

Charanga’s VIP Studio Sessions is now reaching thousands of students across the country and helping them learn and create music they love, yet we know that without the support of our fantastic teachers this would not

New VIP Studio Sessions Project Plans for KS3-4

This new academic year (2018/2019) VIP Studio Sessions has released more Project Plans for KS3 and KS4, as well as a new layout in the ‘Teachers’ Section’ of VIP making it even easier than ever to

5 Tips for Recording Rap Lyrics In School

Recently on Charanga’s VIP Studio Sessions we’ve seen a lot more young people making Rap tracks, which is really exciting as the programme was originally designed for this purpose. It’s been amazing to hear so many

Eskimo Sound, Grime, and Beats That Changed the UK

Grime, born in East London and atop the streaming charts for UK music, seems finally to be receiving the mainstream acceptance that has eluded it since the early days of pirate radio. Since Dizzee Rascal began

VIP Studio Sessions Logo

VIP’s New Teacher Facebook Group and Education Blog

VIP Studio Sessions, the online music education platform to help teach popular genres in schools, is launching a dedicated Facebook group for teachers and a VIP blog. After launching our new Facebook page, we have created