Music hubs were launched at the start of the school term, this year, to build on the work of local authority music services.

The 122 music education hubs were established with the remit to expand music opportunities and ensure every child in the UK has the chance to play a musical instrument and perform as part of an ensemble or choir.
There are so many more opportunities for schools as hubs essentially consolidate best practice in the area and enable schools to benefit from a network of previously un-tapped local and national providers; in many regions there are a number of services that schools could benefit from, whether it’s links to music workshops, access to local recording studios, CPD events or subsidised ICT software and digital resources.

Aside from a quality music curriculum, it can often be links and resources like these that increase motivation and participation.
We are a partner to around 60 hubs and are continually inspired by the hard work and dedication from the hubs to improve the quality of music education in their area. Hubs are offering a much broader and richer service, drawing on the expertise and resources from music professionals in the local area.

There has never been a better time for schools to engage with their hubs and ensure that all children have access to quality music education.
We are always keen to hear music success stories from our hub partners and their schools to include on our blog. Get in touch- Email