Your Avatar

Your avatar is a little version of you that exists in Charanga Music World. You can choose how they look, what clothes they wear - even give them a silly hat if you like!

You create your avatar when you first sign up for Charanga Music World, but can edit them at any time by giving them new clothes, accessories or facial features.

1) You can edit your avatar at any time by clicking on the Avatar Editor link on the sidebar.

2) You’ll see a big version of your avatar, next to options for all the different clothes and features you can give them.

3) Choose an area to edit from the bar on the right-hand side of the screen, or scroll up and down the page to see them all.

4) Click on an item from any of the boxes to see it on your avatar.

5) When you are happy with how your avatar looks, click on the “Save and Exit” button to save your changes and return to the world.

6) Some items can only be bought once you have earned some coins – you earn coins by playing through the stages – items that can be bought have a small coin icon next to the amount of coins they cost.

Items that you have previously bought (in this example, the space helmet) are shown without the coin cost.

All the optional accessories, can be previewed; you just won't be able to buy them unless you have enough coins.