Resource Types

There are lots of different types of resource you may come across in Yumu. This article will give you an overview of some of the different resource types and how to use them.

Resource screen shot showing musical notation

Interactive Pieces

There are several different types of interactive pieces in Yumu. They allow you to play back a piece at different speeds, and choose the type of backing track. You can also view the score for the music, which highlights as you play.

The options you'll see will depend on the type of piece you're viewing. Common controls are:

1) Play Controls. These work just like regular player controls - play, rewind, and volume. You can also make the whole piece loop by clicking the loop button.

2) Score Controls. These allow you to choose which page of the score you want to view. Click the "Next" and "Back" buttons to go forwards and backwards through the score, or click on one of the dots to go to a specific page.

3) Display Options. Click on "Display Options" to change how the piece displays:

  • Score and Instrument: Show both the score and the animated instrument to demonstrate what to play.
  • Score only: Hide the instrument and show just the score
  • Instrument only: Hide the score and just show the animated instrument.

4) Playback Options. Click on "Playback Options" to change how the piece sounds:

  • Playback speed: Choose "Practice" for a slower speed, or "Performance" to play it faster.
  • Instrumentation: Select "With instrument/s" to hear the piece with your instrument part played, or "Backing track only" to hear just the accompaniment.

Videos & Presentations

Videos and presentations are controlled just like YouTube videos - use the play and pause controls at the bottom of the screen to control playback. You can also click on the timeline at the bottom to jump to any point in the video.

Multiple-choice quiz question


Sometimes you'll be quizzed on your musical knowledge. There are various types of questions you can be asked. Just follow the instructions on screen.

Remember you can try a quiz as many times as you like. Don't worry if you don't get it right the first time!

Other Resources

There are loads of other types of resource in Yumu: minigames, drag-and-drop activities, jigsaws, cartoons and more. Keep going, you never know what's around the bend!