Tokens are codes that you can use in Charanga Music World. There are a few different types of token - what they do, and how you use them, is detailed below.

Some examples of what tokens can be used for:

  • Letting you sign up to the website
  • Letting you join one of your teacher's classes
  • Awarding bonus prizes, such as coins or avatar items

All tokens allow you to sign up to Charanga Music World - as long as you have a token you can enter it while signing up to create your account.

Once you've entered a token it is saved with your account, so you don't need to enter it again.

Providing a token when signing up

When you first sign up for Charanga Music World we ask for a token from you. This is like having a ticket to get into a theme park - it proves that someone has bought the ticket so you’re allowed to come in!

Some tokens also have extra information attached to them - e.g. bonus points, or special items for your avatar. If your token has any bonuses you'll see a message telling you what's happened after you've entered it.

See this article for a step-by-step guide to signing up to Charanga Music World

Entering a token after you've logged in

Tokens can also used after you've made an account. Once you’ve got a token that you want to use, just click on the "Token" button on the left hand side of the screen and type it in.

Regular Tokens

This type of token just lets you sign up to Charanga Music World.

A regular token is a sequence of numbers, e.g. "123 456 78".

Class Tokens

Class tokens allow you to join a class that has been set up by your teacher. Once you’ve joined a class, any lessons or materials that your teacher adds will automatically be sent to your moon for you to view. Find out more

A class token always begins with the letter "c", followed by a sequence of numbers, e.g. "c12 345 678".

Where can I find a token?

Tokens are given out by teachers or other staff from your school. If you want to sign up to Charanga Music World just speak to your teacher - they’ll be able to print out a letter with a token for you on it.