Here at VIP we have recently been welcoming on board a lot of new schools, students and teachers. One popular request has been for a quick intro video to to give an idea of what VIP is, what it does and how to get started!

This five-minute video takes a quick tour of VIP’s features, gives some tips on how to use it successfully and takes in some real-world feedback from teachers running VIP projects all across the UK.

To give you a feel for how teachers are using VIP, here are some recent testimonials from VIP teachers:

“Vip has transformed our music curriculum at Burnt Mill Academy. Vip has made music technology accessible to learners in the classrooms and home, smashing barriers that had once been a challenge for us. Young people are inspired by the success they have using VIP.

The ‘make beats’ videos provide detailed instructions needed to create music that young people are currently listening to. We link this back to musical concepts of theory and listening to enrich and expand upon our more traditional offer. Learners enjoy the regular competitions available on the website and the fact they get feedback from a professional producer. This adds another layer of engagement and inspires hours of independent music making outside of the classroom! Not only are they excited to create music in their favourite genres, the outcomes are high quality, imaginative and stylish.

Our GCSE uptake has more than doubled this year following our embedding of music technology into our curriculum.”
— Cristin Casey, Burnt Mill Academy, Essex

“The kids are loving it! I have noticed a real difference in engagement from pupils of all backgrounds, the higher ability pupils are able to create their own thing in any style they want as the software even includes a virtual keyboard enabling the pupils to play their music in even at home where costly midi controllers are not available.

The place I have seen the biggest benefit though is in our disengaged or more challenging pupils, they have been focused, engaged and wanting to come back and work on tracks after school and at home. Allowing pupils to work on music that they can relate to is massively important and teaching them the studio skills at such a young age will not only improve their technological abilities but may encourage more to move down the bedroom producer roll and take their music even further.

Not only are the pupils enjoying the lessons they are getting a finished project they can take away and show off at the end of the session, I wish we had this when I was at school (and not just a dusty 4 track tape recorder in a store cupboard, though I still have the recordings made on it today) Vip Studio has turned into a pupil and teacher favourite!”

— Nick Gage, Woodkirk Academy, Leeds

“VIP Soundation has engaged a large number of students across a wide range of age groups, from year 6 up to year 10 and 11- its accessibility is impressive!

It has helped to build self-esteem and confidence amongst many and it is very satisfying to see students feel rewarded by the pleasing music they create. It also builds bridges between staff and students, in particular making those that are more disaffected develop a sense of value, worth and identity through their music productions.”

— Richard Cull, Hedingham School, Essex

“VIP is extremely versatile and so easy to use. The instruction videos enable students to work at their own pace and the software is such that even the non musically minded students can compose effective and creative material and feel that they can achieve.

Receiving feedback on uploaded tracks has been a huge benefit to the students too and seeing this has encouraged others to upload their work.”

“My students are absolutely loving VIP. We’ve had some technical difficulties in school but that’s been with our hardware rather than the software and most of these have now been overcome thanks to very supportive IT technicians!”

“Our Year 7s completed a scheme of work composing Grime Music last term, which they really enjoyed and some of them have since used the software to continue composing outside of the prescribed lesson time.

It was also a really useful tool when the school was closed for snow days as the students could easily continue working at home.”

“Our Year 8 students started using the software two weeks ago and are currently doing ‘free style’ compositions – in other words they can compose in any genre they like provided they have a minimum structure of intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus and outro. We’ve got all different styles being composed and their imaginations and creativity are flowing!”

“In Year 9, some students are using the software as part of their BTEC Music Unit 2, using it to compose backing music for Music videos they are currently creating.”

“In Year 10 Media Studies, students are using it for their GCSE NEA (non exam assessment) to compose original music to fit the various briefs. We also used it to supplement their knowledge of Grime Music to help them analyse Lady Leshur’s NHS Blood Donation campaign advert which is one of their Close Study Products.”

“I am looking forward to incorporating this software into more schemes of work for 2018-19 and am really enjoying playing with it myself and getting to know it’s capabilities because I know at the moment we’ve barely scratched the surface of what it can really do!”

— Helen Claringbull, The Magna Carta School, Surrey

“A great resource that engages all students. It develops literacy and numeracy without students realising, plus it enables music making in their own time.”

— Helen Brant, Priestthorpe School, Leeds

“There are several students in year 8 whose musical progress and attainment have soared as a result of introducing Charanga VIP.

I set a Year 8 Home Learning project for 6 weeks using Charanga VIP. Some students who have never completed a home learning task were now doing Music homework. One student emailed me to say ‘thank you so much for giving me something to do in my free time!’ Several students have been engaged in music in a way not seen before.

The programme is easy to use and the video tutorials are engaging and really easy to follow – developing independent learning skills.”

— Karen Pugh, Collingwood College, Surrey

“VIP Studio Sessions have completely transformed my music lessons from planning to delivering the lessons; my students feel connected thanks to the contemporary music content they understand and relate to. They all have an opportunity to compose and experiment as much as they like as they all have access to it at home. The most creative music tool for schools.”

— Francis Ajiteru, All Hallows, Lancashire