VIP Studio Sessions is proud to launch a set of new resources helping you to craft the perfect beat for a rap track. Each tutorial is based around the latest trends in rap music. Our guides will show you how to make the type of beats used by rappers like Dave, Stormzy and the new wave of UK rap that is exploding onto the international music scene.

VIP provides everything schools need for their students to learn how to produce music, write lyrics and songs – and all in the genres that they know and love. VIP comes complete with its own online studio and all the resources teachers need to get started.

These new step-by-step tutorials guide students through the process of creating a complete track in the online studio. This is the perfect way to get them started with music composition and will feed perfectly into our upcoming scheme of work around rap, recording and the music industry.

The videos help students to create a drum part; to write chords and melodies; to add a bassline; to use automation and effects; and to arrange, mix and put finishing touches to a track to get an up-to-date sound.

We even show students how to submit their work for feedback. All tracks that are uploaded will be automatically entered into our  “track of the month” competition with a £20 high street voucher up for grabs for the winner. Here’s a snippet from one of our tutorials:

The series and VIP offer a perfect way into both music production and digital composition. These new resources are designed to help stimulate engagement with music at KS3 and lay the foundations for work, particularly for students who love rap & hip hop but might not consider themselves as typical music students at KS4.

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