Over the past few weeks, the VIP Studio Sessions team has been running a musical advent calendar on social media, sharing every shortlisted track from our popular Lo-Fi Hip Hop competition. Today we’re excited to announce our winners.

We published a series of Lo-Fi Hip Hop tutorials on the VIP platform this summer – a genre blending downtempo Hip Hop beats and jazzy samples to create music that people like to chill out to or play when studying.

VIP students were invited to create a track following our videos and we asked Lo-Fi artist and producer Psalm//Trees to select his favourites.

The quality and sheer number of competition entries we received was mind blowing! To give you a flavour, you can listen to all those who were shortlisted on this playlist.

Choosing the winners was not easy but Psalm//Trees eventually singled out three tracks.

Our two runners-up came armed with excellent examples of Lo-Fi tracks, both showcasing their production skills: Sad Boi Hours from AudioActive in Brighton produced this brilliant track, while Connor S, from the Essex Music Education Hub Online Project, won a prize with this tune.  

Our outright winner – Zachary from West Buckland School in Devon – used Psalm//Trees’ original sample and our tutorials to create this truly exceptional track. Congratulations Zachary on a job well done! 

Zachary will have his track pressed to vinyl with original artwork. He’ll also receive a £100 Bandcamp voucher to spend on new music. We’ll be sharing the artwork for that record in the new year, so keep an eye out for that here and on social media.

A big thank you to everyone who entered the competition, as well as those who listened to their tracks!

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