Music Teacher Awards Finalist

Charanga is thrilled to announce that VIP Studio Sessions is a finalist in the Music Teacher Awards for Excellence 2018.

The category in the celebrated ‘Oscars of the Music Education world’ is for Best Digital/Technological Resource. VIP Studio Sessions is opening up music learning to many young people. It enables the teaching of popular music genres in the classroom, using a comprehensive set of online tutorials and teaching resources along with cloud-based digital music studio.

It engages and excites young people by bringing music like Grime, House and Hip Hop to the classroom or at home, whilst making life easier for teachers with differentiated learning, CPD opportunities and easier management of evidence and students’ work.

“We are incredibly proud to be a finalist for this important award. It’s great recognition for the hard work and dedication that has gone into creating this special and unique programme. Seeing VIP break down barriers and help thousands of young people find a way into creative music-making we believe is crucial for the wellbeing of music education at 12-18 and it’s our hope that these young people will keep engaging with music throughout their education and beyond” Mark Burke, Charanga Director.

VIP is also involved as a finalist in a second category: Best Musical Initiative Award for Grown: A Grime Opera. This is a joint entry between VIP Author Max Wheeler and Essex Music Hub. At the heart of this project is inclusion. Through pushing boundaries, the Grime Opera has helped change ideas about what an orchestra and Grime musicians are capable of together. In turn, by exploring the synergies between these musical cultures, it has inspired young people to engage with music education in new ways.

Watch this short video about Grown: A Grime Opera.

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