CPD & Training

CPD and training are central to all that Charanga does. We are committed to working with teachers, schools and partners to ensure young people’s musical learning and experiences are positive.

Personalised support, expert guidance

Personalised support, guidance and professional development is offered to all Charanga teachers. Our experienced team can provide you with support and advice on all aspects of teaching and learning. To find out who your designated contact is, visit the CPD & Training Centre.

CPD & Training Centre

To complement the resources Musical School provides, you’ll find a dedicated CPD & Training Centre on the platform. Visit the Centre to get the most from your subscription, and find details and booking links for upcoming live webinars and session recordings.

Support and guidance are also offered in the form of downloadable PDFs – from whole school, yearly and unit planning documents to comprehensive lesson plans. Because Musical School is a cloud-based platform, everything is regularly refreshed.

Equipping teachers to teach music confidently

Charanga is committed to ensuring teachers feel as equipped and confident as possible to teach music brilliantly – so much so that our team has already successfully trained over 40,000 teachers in modern, inclusive music-teaching practice. We offer a range of online and face-to-face events – from whole-staff training to demonstration lessons.

Free CPD & Training events

Charanga typically organises 600+ free, in-person events annually. Extensive online support includes a range of live and recorded introductory, advanced, themed or SEND-focused webinars, ‘open’ workshops, and bespoke sessions.

Free technical support

As well as the Help section, found at the top of the screen once you’ve logged in, we offer technical support should you or your IT coordinator need it. With tens of thousands of teachers around the world using Charanga daily, all issues are solved quickly and easily.

In-school training — just for your school

If you would like to book a bespoke session for your school, this can be arranged. Longer or multi-school sessions can also be provided. Simply email your named Charanga contact or email training@charanga.com for more information.

Charanga regional training team

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