Charanga’s online platform

Charanga’s online platform provides almost infinite possibilities for modern curriculum development and its delivery into classrooms and homes.

Our platform houses a wide range of content authoring tools that enable curriculum leaders to transform their music teaching ideas into highly interactive digital resources for teachers and students.

From simple rhythm grids and activities for younger children right through to YuStudio, Charanga’s full-featured digital audio workstation (DAW), we can provide everything you need to create contemporary curriculum materials fit for 21st-century music education.

Our platform’s array of personalisation features ensures schools and individual teachers can adapt the curriculum to fit the needs of their students. Custom lessons, units, courses and entire schemes of work for every year group, can be created quickly and easily.

Accessibility features ensure all students can benefit from everything you create and with support for multiple learning modalities. Learners with additional needs can be equally supported.

Talk to us about licensing the Charanga platform for use in your new curriculum development. We can guarantee the successful implementation of your strategic vision.