Award-winning music education

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Charanga is the resource of choice for international schools wishing to equip pupils with a deep understanding of the principles of music. Named ‘Best Product to Promote the Arts, Music and Drama in the Classroom’ at the 2019 Global Educational Supplies and Solutions Awards, Musical School International offers schools a vibrant, modern, online music teaching and learning platform.


Musical School International gives music specialists and generalist classroom teachers a source of high-quality resources that are easy to use in an international school setting.

Support for personalised lessons and course building, and the integration of a teacher’s own materials into their lessons, allow you to meet the needs of learners and save time.

Our Schemes of Work provide educators with model music curricula, and an integrated, practical, exploratory and child-led approach to musical learning. Repetition and differentiation allow for deeper learning and a mastery of musical skills. Ready-made, week-by-week lessons for each year group are provided, as are lesson plans, assessment, clear progression and exciting whiteboard resources for every lesson.

Watch the video to learn about the significant impact Musical School International has had in just six months at Bromsgrove International School, Bangkok.