Managing Storage

Space on your device is not a limitless resource, and sometimes you may wish to remove some or all of your downloaded content.

How much space am I using?

The amount of space used by your downloaded lessons and resources is displayed on app dashboard on the Home screen.

Additionally, if you are using the tablet app, you can see the amount of space remaining on your device alongside the space used by your downloads by selecting ‘Download Queue’ from the menu.

Clearing space

To remove individual lessons or resources from your device select ‘My Lessons’ or ‘My Resources’ from the menu and click or tap the icon for the items that you wish to delete.

To remove all of the Charanga Music Professional content on your device, select ‘Download Queue’ from the menu and click ‘Delete all downloaded content’.

Please note, if you delete all of your downloaded content you will need an internet connection the next time you start up the app.

Removing items from your Download Queue

The Download Queue is where all of the lessons and resources that are in the process of downloading can be found. Access it via the menu or by clicking the download queue item in the dashboard section at the top of the ‘Home’ screen.

If you wish to delete an item that is partially downloaded tap or click twice on the percentage displayed at the right-hand side of the item.

If you wish to remove an item from your download queue tap or click twice on the waiting/clock icon displayed at the right-hand side of the item.