Drum loop on count 1

There is a single sample pad that triggers a 4-beat drum loop. The backing loop has no drums and pupils need to trigger the sample pad exactly on beat 1 of the backing riff. There is an on-screen beat counter to help then keep their place, which can be turned off as skills progress. Pupils can record and play back their performances for self-evaluation. This is more difficult than you might at first imagine! The natural tendency is to listen to the drums you are triggering rather than whether they are in time with the backing. It takes considerable skill and independence to correct your drum timing in line with a melodic riff.

Curriculum area: Performing

Main focus: Playing on beat 1 of a 4-beat cycle

Possible learning outcomes: Improved rhythmic accuracy. Counting beats in groups of 4. Awareness of Beat 1

Suggestion for where next: Other beat completers to continue improving rhythmic accuracy.

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Interactive Activities Curriculum support Charanga Hip Hop Coach Beat Completer

Tags: synchronise, timing precision, counting beats, sample pad, sample bank

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Drum loop on count 1

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