Creating logins for a whole class

Your pupils can now be given access to Charanga Music World in two ways. Historically, pupils signed-up individually using a token you gave them via a letter, on a "self-service" basis. We still support this method, but you may prefer the new way, which lets you quickly and easily create logins for an entire class.

Managing pupils and logins happens in the My Pupils section of the site.

First, create a new class by clicking the Create Class button

Next you need to add your pupils to the class. Click the twist-down Show class details; scroll down and you can either add a pupil at a time, by entering their names into the boxes, or you can bulk add a whole class if you have their names to hand.

Adding a whole class in one go

To bulk add an entire class, copy a list of names from e.g. a spreadsheet of first and last names and then paste this into the first box.

After you’ve pasted, you’ll have your entire class ready to add. You don’t need to use a spreadsheet, you could just use a word document or even an email; the names just need to appear one per-line, with first and last name separated by a space.

Click the Add these pupils button. Your pupils are now added to the class, and have been given a username and a password.

Welcome letters

At the top of the screen, there is a PDF you can download and print which contains a welcome letter for each of your pupils. Give these letters out to your pupils when you next see them; the letter tells them where to go and what their username and password is.

Each pupil’s username and password is also shown to you, so you can remind them during class if you need to. If any pupil loses their welcome letter, you can print out the individual letter, by clicking the link next to their name. But remember, the letter at the top of the page is the one you should use the first time you create a class, as this will let you print out all the letters in one go.

Removing and adding additional pupils

You can remove pupils from your class by clicking the Remove button, and you can add extra pupils by filling in their details at the bottom of the screen.


Once your pupils have been using Music World, some statistics will appear next to their names. You’ll be able to see which step they last played, the total amount of time they’ve spent on the site and how many coins they’ve earned.

Multiple classes

If you need to teach more than one class, then create a brand new class by clicking the Create Class button and repeat the above instructions for the new set of pupils.