Video Meeting Test Page

This is a page to enable you to test our embedded video call system, before attending an online "Webinar" for example. It sets up a unique video call with you as the only member: you will never see any other people in this call, but it will still allow you to test most of the aspects of taking part in a video call/conference.

You may be asked to allow microphone and camera access. If the call is working, it will open two windows, both of them just showing the view from your camera, if you have one. The left hand one is the view from your camera, NOT sent over the internet, and the right-hand one IS sent over the internet. If you have any problems they will usually be with the right-hand window - for example, it might be totally black. If this happens, the most likely explanation is that your school's network firewall is blocking the call: please direct whoever manages your school's network firewall to the help page below in this case.

You might experience a build-up of echoing or feedback during this test, since you're effectively having a video call with yourself. If that happens, hover over the microphone symbol beneath the video windows, and choose 'Mute Mic'.

There is a Help Page which describes some common problems and how to try to fix them.