VIP Studio Sessions

VIP Studio Sessions, the online music education platform for 11-16 year olds, has launched a new resource to help students explore music production to help them make their own genre of music.

Create Your Own Genre

A large part of VIP’s success is showing young people how to write songs in their favourite styles of music. Now VIP is asking students who have experimented with our step-by-step guides to come up with a new genre of their own.

The new tutorial asks them to take aspects of the other styles they have studied and combine them into their own new sound. Students will take the knowledge of what they know about the patterns, sounds and tempos from other guides and make these into a brand new style that is unique to them.

This new resource joins a growing list of genres that can be found in VIP, such as Afrobeats, Dubstep, House, Hip Hop, Pop, Classical Beats and Grime. VIP demystifies the rules of complex styles in a classroom setting and shows them how to use music production software in VIP’s online studio as well as on other software programmes.

To view this new resource and others, trial VIP with a full-access-30-day account here. Or contact Melinda Robson for more information on: