Friday Afternoons 2014The Friday Afternoons Big Sing is the culmination of a very exciting singing project and will take place on 28th November 2014. There is still time for your school to take part and tell the world about it!

Friday Afternoons 2014

Aldeburgh Music asked Charanga to provide Units of Work (interactive resources with lesson plans) to support a set of 12 Folk songs arranged by 10 contemporary composers. These composers all have different musical backgrounds including Classical, Folk, World Music and Jazz and can be found here on the Charanga website and here on the Friday Afternoons website.

National Curriculum Units of Work

The Units of Work we produced are National Curriculum-based and through video interviews, introduce children to each composer, how and why they got involved in music and what they love about music. Our resources bring the world of the composer to life explaining how each composer has a different approach and role in the music industry. These Units are now available directly in Musical School and Music Coach.

Singing is at the Heart of the Resources

Singing these newly-arranged Folk songs is central to the learning in these Units and the idea is to give young people from anywhere in the world the opportunity to sing high-quality new music, and to share their performances on a virtual stage.

No Event Planned Yet?

No matter! It’s so easy! Just follow these 4 steps to get involved.

Step 1. Plan your event – if you havent already got an event planned simply aim to sing one of the Friday Afternoons songs on November 28th at school. Perhaps start with Gwyneth Herbert’s Baiskeli or Zoe Dixon’s Orford Lighthouse. Gwyneth worked with children in Kenya and Zoe is the 14 year old competition winner of the Britten Young Songwriter Competition.

Step 2. Sign up on the Friday Afternoons website

Step 3. Use Charanga’s resources to learn the song(s) of your choice. Either use the resources via Charanga or go directly to the Friday Afternoons website

Step 4. Join in and sing with hundreds of schools worldwide on November 28th 2014 and keep the spirit of Friday Afternoons alive!