New resources “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” and “Three Little Birds” have been added to the inspira Pops library in  Charanga Musical School under the KS2 tab and in Charanga Music Coach under the KS3 tab. They have also been added to Charanga Music World Professional.  (You will need to login to access the resources.)

Charanga regularly adds new resources to its programmes.

Each unit comprises ‘Listen and Appraise’ activities for the main song and five other related songs, along with ‘Learn the song’, ‘Improvise’, ‘Compose’, ‘Play your instrument’ and ‘Perform’ activities. Comprehensive lesson documentation includes plans for the six ‘Suggested Pathway’ lessons and guidance for ‘flexible’ approach and assessment criteria. There are also differentiated scores (easy, medium and melody) for all popular instruments. If you are interested in acquiring a licence for any of the Charanga programmes, please contact Marina Dussek at

If you have a Charanga login for Musical School or Music Coach, visit Fresh Prince here, Three Little Birds here.