The interactive site has put and end to “death by 1000 worksheets” at KS3/4!

Ian Gray, Secondary Music Consultant, Lancashire

The feedback from our staff regarding the resources, particularly those on DVD, has been unanimously positive.

Matthew Bright, Curriculum Leader for IT WSMS, West Sussex

Thanks again for a wonderful course.  The teachers absolutely loved what you did with them.

Mary Heyler, Sheffield Music Service

Please pass on my congratulations to everyone involved in the upgrading. I am so impressed and it’s always nice to lead a session where people feel they’re being given a great set of resources, so you really made my inset session go well thank you thank you thank you!

Mel Rooney, Wider Opportunities and Enrichment Manager at Liverpool Music Support Service

Essex Music Services believe that ‘inspira’ will excite teachers and children about their music lessons and we are proud to be working in partnership with Charanga Ltd to bring ‘inspira’ into Essex schools.

Andy Hill, Head of Essex Music Services

We at the music team think it is a first class resource which covers all the bases for us. Can I say a huge well done and thank you for this. It is great to have all these resources together with so many options at your fingertips.

This will really boost our teaching this year. We have now gone to 100 minute lessons so these are welcome resources to break up and add to our curriculum.


Nick Sheppard, Key Stage 4 Co-ordinator of Expressive Arts, Failsworth School, Lancashire

I can’t wait to use this in school this week. The backing tracks are so funky!

Jo Burns, Instrumental Woodwind Teacher, Bradford

A very useful tool for whole classes but also for small group instrumental lessons.

Ali Houiellebecq, Instrumental Teacher, Norwich Music Service

I just like to feel the beat and sing along!

Danielle, Pupil, Year 5 Longton Primary School, Lancashire

Thanks for all your work with Charanga the DVD’s are fab.

Dawn Culver, Curriculum Leader for Brass WSMS, West Sussex