The programmes are very helpful for whole class instructions (I just wish I had more time to explore and compose tailored lessons to suit the fast track pupils but also keeping the interest of the less able). I use Charanga almost every day teaching some 150 and more pupils per week. Its ease of use has triggered a few Head Teachers to embrace it and also sign us up for another year of tuition.

Crawford Hall, Tees Valley Music Service

A very interactive experience for both pupils and teachers. Lots of engaging, informative resources for learning and playing music as well as having fun with games and videos.

Sarah Ng, Wider Opportunities Co-ordinator, Arts Support Service, Nottinghamshire

Wakefield Music Services are now in their third year of partnership with Charanga. We have been absolutely delighted with the way in which the materials have enhanced the work of our peripatetic teachers, teachers in schools and our pupils. The materials are engaging and appealing and add a real ‘sparkle’ to lessons. I have been so impressed with the way in which Charanga genuinely listen to our needs and how quickly they respond to any queries. They are to be congratulated on their vision, expertise and professionalism. We look forward to another successful ‘Charanga’ year! Thank you.

Geraldine Gaunt, Senior Officer for Wakefield Music Services

The interactive lesson material from Charanga brings hi-tec resources into the music classroom that leave the teacher in control and yet release a wealth of creativity enabling students to achieve quickly and enjoy their music-making.

Glenn Waite, Deputy Head of Sefton Schools Music Service

The visual and audio effects enables the children to learn and understand the many musical terms with enthusiasm. It combines education with fun – a very successful combination!

Claire Hopkinson, Teacher, Ollerton Primary, Nottinghamshire

I can find new tunes to learn on my own at home. It is much more interesting using my computer.

Yr 5 Pupil, Sherwood County Primary, Lancashire

Everything about our music lessons is fun!

Effie, Pupil, Year 5 Longton Primary School, Lancashire

Thank you for a very enjoyable training session yesterday at Wickford and also for the resources you have provided. I very much look forward to studying them in the holidays with a view to using them in September.


Class Teacher, St Mary’s C of E Primary, Essex

Thanks so much for sorting this out for me, I have received the login details and can’t wait to really get to grips with it. I think it will be of fantastic use, especially with my recorder groups. I think people in schools have been waiting a very long time for a resource like this.

Michelle Burton, Class Teacher

Just getting in touch to ┬ásay how thrilled I am with Charanga. Of course, 7 weeks in I’m only just beginning to get to grips with the wealth of resources but I have found it so useful already. One main ways I find I use it is to consolidate learning, so for example I would use my tried and tested ways of learning about pulse, and then use the cartoon about pulse to consoildate the message… and it is having a real impact being able to us these resources to support my teaching. I also use the Recorder Foundation section with my recorder classes and I notice that some children who would not be quite so engaged are able make progress. So thank you!

Christine Adams, Lead Teacher, Kent