We’ve been working with Charanga for two years now. As ICT Manager for the Service I immediately saw the potential of Charanga’s online resources. Initially the content was ideal for our Wider Opportunities programme at KS2. This content has not remained static but has grown and developed steadily over the ensuing months. Working alongside the Music Service, Charanga has and is very proactive in developing resources at KS3/4 that are now coming on stream. Obviously the quality of the content is paramount and I cannot fault them here but I have also been very pleased at the willingness of Charanga to allow the Music Service to stamp our identity on the site working hard to develop a look and feel that makes it a seamless part of our general website.

Over the time I have worked with the Directors and their colleagues, I have come to realise that they are not solely interested in the firm’s general profits but have a genuine enthusiasm in providing quality resources to help pupils reach their full potential.