VIP Studio Sessions

We are pleased to showcase this impressive set of songs produced by students at All Hallows in Lancashire. The group of mostly Year 9 students have combined Dubstep and other styles to great effect, producing an album’s worth of tracks and continuing All Hallows’ run as a busy VIP School.

Year 7s and 8s have also been working on Hip Hop Beats and Rap lyrics as part of their work in school and homework tasks, and the tracks have been flying in already this year.

All Hallows

Here are two students showing off their work on the school whiteboard.

VIP visited the school for a series of Masterclasses recently, meeting a lot of the students, checking out their work and also speaking to a network meeting of teachers in the area. It was a great day and we had a lot of fun checking all the music being made.

We can also now announce the winner of the Track of the Month from this playlist is Lucy Mccann. You can hear her track here.

You will require a licence to access VIP Studio Sessions, but to view the resources click here free 30-day trial here.