Madeleine Casson, Charanga’s National Training Manager, answers some of the most common questions asked at Training and CPD sessions:
Where are the KS1 and KS2 Christmas Musicals highlighted in the Charanga Musical School sample school plan?

We didn’t quite get these into Musical School in time for the start of term but I’m delighted to say they are there now. In the Musical School programme click the KS1 or KS2 tabs to find the Musicals.

Will you bring out new Musical School programmes for the new music curriculum?

We will not need to make any significant changes as the current programme fulfils all the requirements of the new curriculum already. We will highlight the changes to the curriculum in a document which will be added to the CPD section. It will clearly signpost resources and activities which will promote these. On a related point we are responding to requests for a year-by-year view of the resources and working on this at present.

How can we work more closely with our Music Service?

Chat with your visiting teachers to find out how you can support the learning during the week. Even if you do not have access to instruments there are lots of useful activities you can do such as singing, pulse and rhythm games – and even playing ‘air’ instruments!

Talk to your visiting staff to see if they need any support practically with setting up the resources.

Help your pupils to join up their musical experiences by printing out the instrumental scores from the Units of Work for children who are learning to play instruments and ask them to look at these in their instrumental lessons. This supports differentiation and gives children who are working hard to learn to play an instrument an opportunity to share their skills and shine.

Find out about the clubs and courses the Music Service offer and encourage your children to get involved.