At a time when Secondary Music is in need of a good news story we think we have just that. Over the past two years we’ve been rolling out the Charanga VIP Studio Sessions programme to secondary schools in partnership with several music hubs around the country.


Take a look at this short video where national VIP programme leader Max Wheeler describes how it works and the benefits for young people, music teachers and music hubs.

Successful VIP programmes in Essex, Leeds, Lancashire, Wakefield, Derbyshire, Bradford and Norfolk, all began with a workshop for secondary music teachers organised by the local music hub and run by Max Wheeler.

We can deliver a VIP workshop free of charge at your next secondary network meeting – just let us know when and where we need to be. Music hubs who have bought into VIP have found that the costs of the programme are low and potentially, fully recoverable from schools if that’s how you prefer to work. The important thing is, two years in, we’re seeing great results across a range of important indicators.

Please contact Charanga VIP co-ordinator Melinda Robson to discuss your needs or arrange a workshop –  or phone 01273 823900.

Five reasons your music hub should choose Charanga VIP Studio Sessions as a way to help your local secondary schools and support young people 11-16

  1. VIP supports secondary schools in key areas where they say they need help
  2. You’re helping schools change the way students at KS3/11-14 year olds view music in school because VIP uses the music that students love while helping them learn valuable and progressive music skills
  3. With increased music engagement at KS3/11-14 year olds through VIP, you’re helping secondary music teachers encourage more students to choose music at GCSE and BTEC where VIP continues to provide students with valuable support that helps them make a success of their courses
  4. You’re able to draw on Charanga VIP Studio Sessions’  impressive and meaningful engagement data to showcase your support for young people aged 11-16 and provide evidence for your ACE returns
  5. You can support schools with music technology and creative music-making without needing in-house expertise and without any need to invest in expensive music production software – Charanga can run the programmes on your behalf with as much input from you as your capacity allows