Did you know that Charanga’s digital programmes are underpinned by a confidence-building CPD & Training programme? To date, our expert team has successfully trained over 25,000 teachers in modern, inclusive music teaching practice. Interestingly, we find that teachers who consider themselves “non-specialists” often worry about three things when it comes to teaching music. But as Madeleine Casson, Education Director at Charanga, explains, we’ve got them covered!

1. Curriculum, progression & assessment
Non-specialists want to be sure they are meeting the demands of the curriculum, while effectively measuring their students’ progression.

“Charanga Musical School’s Scheme provides teachers with week-by-week lessons for each year group in the school. It’s ideal for non-specialists particularly because it provides lesson plans, assessment, clear progression and engaging whiteboard resources for every lesson. The Scheme supports the requirements of the curriculum and can easily be personalised to suit your students and school context.”

2. Leading singing






Many teachers find leading the singing in a music lesson daunting. 

“The visual and audio cues our platform provides let teachers know when to start singing. The songs have a clear melody line so you simply listen and then join in once you feel able. This melody line can be muted once everyone is confident – allowing the children to be the soloists!”

3. Notation & playing instruments







We often hear from teachers who worry that they can’t read music.

“There are many forms of notation and our platform is designed to enable teachers, and students, become increasingly familiar with them. In the Scheme, we use animated instruments and scrolling letter names to introduce simple phrases on instruments. Teachers can then choose when to show the notated parts. It’s part of a ‘sound before symbol’ approach – you make music first and then you see what it looks like.”

Why not try Charanga’s award-winning Musical School programme by signing up for a no-obligation, free 30-day trial. We also offer an extensive range of events for non-specialists and specialists alike. For more information, contact Madeleine, chat to a member of our team on + 44 1273 823 900 or email info@charanga.com.