VIP Studio SessionsClassical Beats

Charanga’s VIP Studio Sessions have followed their recent launch of the Ableton Live and Push resources, with the first step-by-step guides for 2017, called ‘Classical Beats’.

These new guides help teach students to play a well-known Classical piece and develop it into a complete track using the online studio.

Students are guided through every step – they learn how to play the melody on the computer and then develop their music production skills.

The aim is to complete each step in sequence, moving at a speed which is comfortable for each learner:

  • Classical Beats Step 1: Recording A Melody
  • Classical Beats Step 2: Adding A Beat
  • Classical Beats Step 3: Designing Sounds
  • Classical Beats Step 4: Fleshing Out The Track
  • Classical Beats Step 5: Arranging And Uploading Your Track

Access to VIP Studio Sessions comes via a licence for a school or centre. Each student has their own login, and can follow the step-by-step guides to learn to produce music in various popular genres, all in the online studio.

For teachers: easy pupil monitoring and grading of work can be done using teacher logins which allows you to listen and comment/grade students’ work. VIP has a vast library of resources for teachers, and provides lesson plans and Schemes of Work to help teachers build the step-by-step guides into their lessons and projects.

You will require a licence to access VIP Studio Sessions, but to view the resources click here free 30-day trial here.