Musical School is the award winning online music programme from Charanga now being used by over 7,000 Primary schools to support their music teaching.

Following our big survey earlier this year, we’re delighted to be launching 2 great new features as a direct response to teachers’ feedback.

NEW Musical School Assessment Framework

NEW One-page lesson plans (to accompany the more detailed lesson teaching guides)

Musical School Assessment

plan-do-check-review_smWe’ve looked at all the great thinking that has been done on assessment from the ISM and others and created an easy-to-use framework that will be really useful for both music specialists and non-specialists.

In essence, there are 3 aspects to the assessment support we’re providing:

  1. End of Key Stage Expectations with the expected musical learning against which to assess
  2. One-page lesson plans with the facility for you to formatively (continuously) assess
  3. A digital evidence storage facility to help you build a musical E profile for classes and individual pupils

Musical School Digital Porfolio

With Assessment Logs and Cultural and Personal Development Logs, the whole framework is flexible and over time will encourage children to take responsibility for their own musical learning with ever more exciting outcomes.

Take a look

Surveys show that Musical School’s popularity derives from its ability to help teachers provide modern and effective music lessons that both they and the children greatly enjoy. Now with this new Assessment Framework, Musical School is an even more valuable music teaching tool.

If you’ve not seen Musical School yet or haven’t seen it for a while (it’s constantly updated with great new resources), try our 30-day, no-obligation free trial. There’s no commitment or credit cards involved, we just want you to be able to take a look and see if it might be useful for you and your school.

If you aren’t associated with a school and would like to take a look please contact and we’ll arrange access for you.