We are excited to release a brand new set of tutorials on to the Charanga VIP Studio Sessions platform – all designed to help everyone relax at this unusual time.

The video series focuses on the Lo-Fi Hip Hop genre; a popular type of music, combining Hip Hop beats, jazzy samples and a slower tempo to create a relaxing sound that many people like to chill out to.

We show you how to create a Lo-Fi Hip Hop beat; chop up samples and layer sounds over it; add a bassline and arrange your track.

Competition time!
Alongside these resources, we are launching a new competition, which will be judged by Lo-Fi Hip Hop artist Psalm//Trees. To take part, we invite your students to follow the step-by-step tutorials, before creating and uploading a track to VIP using the hashtag #Chill.

We will turn Psalm//Trees’ favourites into a playlist and the overall winner will have their track pressed to vinyl with original artwork. They’ll also pick up a £100 Bandcamp voucher to spend on new music!

Psalm//Trees has been creating beats since he was 14 and is now signed to Dutch label, Chillhop. Originally from the UK, he now lives and works in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, producing music using vinyl, MPC 2000xl and Logic 9. His advice for your students and all aspiring producers is ‘to find music they love and look deep into the roots of where it came from. Use what they have access to to try to be creative’.

To get you and your students in the mood, here’s a track from his Spring compilation, Wherever You Are. We hope they enjoy it!

Yet to try out VIP Studio Sessions? Teachers, schools, hubs and community organisations can try it free for 30-days by visiting here.

This competition will run until 31st October 2020. Please check the VIP site for T&Cs.