This June 2017, VIP Studio Sessions has updated the layout of its core learning area – ‘Make Beats’ – making it even easier for young people to access guides to their favourite genres. VIP is the new revolutionary online music education resource for secondary schools, which provides safe and easy access to music technology and production in schools.

As the number of resources in VIP grows year on year, it became apparent that a new look was required to keep the site as student friendly as possible.

New Make Beats LayoutThe brand new layout now lists each style of music that you can make in VIP, so students and teachers can quickly find what they want to produce. Here they can select the step-by-step tutorial on how to make that genre from making a drum beat to arranging and finishing the track, as well as different skill levels.

A new area to the Make Beats section also lists tutorials for music production offline. Here is where you can find secondary educational resources on how to make music in professional music production software such as Ableton and Logic. These resources are the natural progression for Advanced Level and KS4 students, who have got to grips with music production in VIP’s online studio and are now ready for more specialist study.

If you are a school and would like to trial VIP for free for 30 days, visit the Free Trial page.