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Helping Musikskoler + Folkeskoler and Kulturskoler + Grunnskoler work together to provide high quality music education for ALL children

Great music, modern pedagogy and the latest educational technology

Charanga Musikpartner is a living cloud-based resource that brings together great music, modern pedagogy and the latest educational technology. It supports many aspects of music teaching and learning in and out of school.

Musikpartner’s exciting digital presentation and content help to engage children and young people in a very contemporary way. Because they are engaged they are easier to teach.

Key features:

  • Online and specially designed for music education
  • Compatible with any Single Sign-On system (UNI Login in Denmark)
  • Contains both modern and traditional music material
  • Supports classroom and instrumental music
  • Helps all music teachers work together
  • Provides online learning for all children

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Kommuner with Musikpartner

Public Schools / Folkeskoler / Grunnskoler

This section of Musikpartner is mainly for teachers in Public Schools teaching classroom music.

The resources are grouped by children’s age and for different approaches to teaching. There is a lot to explore and children love the modern approach.

Music Schools / Musikskoler / Kulturskoler

The Music School area in Musikpartner is where you find resources, methodologies and material to help teach large groups of children learning an instrument all together.

If you are trying to help more children to get the chance to learn instruments by teaching in a larger group, this section will be very useful for you.

Charanga Yumu logo

Yumu is safe online space where students can learn, play and develop their musicianship. It’s an area of the Charanga platform dedicated to supporting students' music-making between lessons.

You can use Yumu:

  • To share the things you’re working on in class, such as songs or recorder pieces, so that your students can practise them at home.
  • To set assignments, using your own favourite resources or Charanga’s.
  • To provide simple independent learning opportunities, using our ready-made Yumu Packages.
  • To track your students’ progress.

My Workspace

A key feature of Musikpartner is My Workspace. This is the area of the platform where you can create, store and share your lessons. It helps you to save time on preparation and extends your students’ learning beyond the classroom.


Musikpartner can be purchased for use across an entire Kommune or in a single school.

It can be accessed directly off the web with a Charanga username and password or it can be accessed through all major Single-Sign-On systems including Uni-Login in Denmark.

Awards and recognition for the Charanga music education programmes and digital learning resources

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