What people say about Charanga

I just wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying the Musical School. I decided to trial it across the whole school: KS1 is accessing Hands, Feet, Heart; Years 3 and 4 In the Groove and Years 5 and 6 Don’t Stop Believin’. All the children are enjoying the different activities. A definite thumbs up from Upper Beeding.

Corrine Wellby, Upper Beeding Primary School, West Sussex

I’ve been waiting 15 years for a resource like this. It’s classrom music at your fingertips, teaching singing and playing very effectively in any primary classroom. I can’t wait to use it!

Gill Harrowven, Year 5 teacher, St Augustine’s Catholic School, Norwich

Everything about our music lessons is fun!

Effie, Pupil, Year 5 Longton Primary School, Lancashire

The children are thoroughly enjoying it and I converted a couple of new teachers I was working with the other day!

Dorothy Driscoll, All Souls School, Kent

Just getting in touch to  say how thrilled I am with Charanga. Of course, 7 weeks in I’m only just beginning to get to grips with the wealth of resources but I have found it so useful already. One main ways I find I use it is to consolidate learning, so for example I would use my tried and tested ways of learning about pulse, and then use the cartoon about pulse to consoildate the message… and it is having a real impact being able to us these resources to support my teaching. I also use the Recorder Foundation section with my recorder classes and I notice that some children who would not be quite so engaged are able make progress. So thank you!

Christine Adams, Lead Teacher, Kent

Thanks so much for sorting this out for me, I have received the login details and can’t wait to really get to grips with it. I think it will be of fantastic use, especially with my recorder groups. I think people in schools have been waiting a very long time for a resource like this.

Michelle Burton, Class Teacher

I think Hey You is a great resource for all primary ages – and the games track is fun! It also gives a good backing for instrumental starters and those who can play a few notes.

Sarah Barkway, Instrumental Teacher delivering wider opportunities projects, Cumbria Music Service

Inspira has given my staff the confidence and the resources to deliver exciting music lessons. The sessions are quick and easy to organise and can successfully be taught by non-music specialists.  The children clearly enjoy the dynamic, fun and stimulating sessions and our teachers are learning valuable new skills.

Julie Brown, Headteacher, Longton Primary School, Preston, Lancashire

I just like to feel the beat and sing along!

Danielle, Pupil, Year 5 Longton Primary School, Lancashire

…so exciting to have access to materials that can engage pupils throughout the entire school!

Music Co-ordinator, Read St John Primary School, Lancashire