We were absolutely delighted to collect a prestigious Bett Award on 22nd July. Despite stiff competition, Charanga Musical School was named winner of the Primary Content category.

As well as citing our ‘clear understanding of SEND issues’ and ‘content that makes music accessible to all’, the judges felt Musical School ‘has the potential to transform the learning of music, making it accessible and available to non-specialist teachers too; something that is much needed in today’s learning environments and so relevant for our community of teachers and learners’.







Drawing together the practical skills of singing and playing, listening, improvising and composing, Musical School offers specialists and generalist classroom teachers everything they need to lead high-quality music lessons that are fun and truly engaging.

The platform includes a complete curriculum Scheme; a vast library of songs, instrument courses and creative apps; support for hybrid, blended or home learning, assessment, SEND and more – all designed to help children develop a love, knowledge and respect for music in all its forms.

New for 2021-22
With the new academic year fast approaching, we’ve been extending the range of resources Musical School provides. Look out for new songs, on-screen resources for every lesson and on-screen apps to help generalist classroom teachers teach music notation and composition.





About the Bett Awards
Produced in association with the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA), the Bett Awards celebrate the inspiring creativity and innovation found throughout technology for education.

We’d like to thank all of our users for their support. Being a Bett Award-winner is a sign of excellence and something we’ll cherish.

Accessing Charanga

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