Progress App Help

Running the app for the first time

When you first run Progress, we’ll ask for permission to send you notifications; tap the Allow button on the next screen before you login. Doing this will mean the admin team can alert you about lessons you might need to cover or changes to your timetable.

Logging in

To login, just use your regular Charanga account details. If you don’t know these or have forgotten them, tap the Forgotten username or password option.

Your schedule

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see your schedule. This shows you each venue you’re teaching at, and the groups that you’ll be teaching. Tap a venue to take the register or write reports for the students in the group.


Once you’ve tapped on a venue you’ll either see the register for that venue if there’s only a single group, or if there are multiple groups, you’ll need to choose which group you’re teaching. Once you’ve done this, you’ll see the register for that group.

Tap the register to mark a pupil as present. If there are two or more students you’ll be asked if you want to mark them all as present. This will save you tapping present multiple times for multiple pupils. If any are absent, you simply tap the present mark, and it will toggle to absent. Press and hold the mark to choose from alternative register marks.


To write reports for pupils in your groups, tap the Group Info tab, and then tap the pupil’s name. To write the report, you can choose from the pre-written statements on the right; they scroll so be sure to swipe down and see them all. You can also tap and edit the text by hand to write a more personal statement. Tap submit when you’re done and the office will receive your report for the student.